Best Practices To Improve Your International SEO


“Effective Search Engine Optimization Requires a Commitment, Not a Campaign.” -James Reynolds, SEO Sherpa

For marketers, SEO is everything. 

Search Engine is the heart of digital marketing, and every business, big or small, wants to be the leader regarding search engine results.

Now businesses that offer services worldwide or want to expand internationally have to optimize their website according to the target countries and languages, and that’s what International SEO is all about. 

65% of people prefer content in their language, and an estimated 42% won’t buy products/services in any language other than their own.

International SEO not only helps in building relevant traffic but also gives the customers a feel of their homegrown brand. 

Here’s a case study of our UAE-based healthcare client. We inculcated International SEO of them which yielded great results. 

Let’s throw some light further on International SEO strategy, its benefits, and why it makes more sense for businesses with international services to implement it.

Benefits Of International SEO

International SEO is a strategic approach that allows businesses to expand their reach and establish a presence in global markets. This method offers numerous benefits:

  • Enhanced Visibility and Reach: By optimizing for international audiences, companies can significantly increase their visibility beyond local markets. This global presence often translates into increased traffic and, subsequently, higher conversion opportunities.
  • Access to New Markets: International SEO opens doors to new demographic segments, which can lead to untapped revenue streams. It enables businesses to connect with customers who might not have been accessible otherwise.
  • Competitive Advantage: Businesses that effectively implement international SEO strategies often gain a competitive edge by positioning themselves as global entities, which enhances brand prestige and trustworthiness.
  • Cultural Connection: By creating content that resonates with local cultures and languages, companies can build stronger relationships with international customers, fostering loyalty and enhancing customer experience.


  • A US-based e-commerce store implemented SEO for Japan and saw a 50% increase in traffic from that region.
  • A B2B service provider optimized its site for German and French languages, resulting in a 30% uplift in engagement from these countries.
  • International SEO helps businesses establish their global presence in other countries.
  • Projects businesses as global market leaders
  • Allows companies to widen their customer base
  • Enable enterprises to embrace a pool of diverse customers 

Implementing an International SEO strategy can offer an excellent boost for businesses as it strengthens their brand image on a global scale. 

Let’s take a look at the best practices for International SEO that businesses must focus on.

Best Practices For International SEO

Implementing international SEO requires a comprehensive strategy tailored to the target market’s specific needs and preferences. Key best practices include:

  • Localized Keyword Research: Understand the local language and cultural nuances to identify keywords that are actually used by the target audience.
  • Dedicated Country Targeting: Use country-specific domains or subdirectories with geographical targeting in Google Search Console to signal the intended region.
  • Hreflang Tags: Implement hreflang tags to help Google understand the language and regional targeting of your pages, preventing duplicate content issues across different languages.
  • Local User Experience: Customize the site’s design, currency, and customer service options to match the expectations and behaviors of the international audience.


  • Deploying a .de domain for a site targeted at German-speaking users.
  • Using hreflang tags for English pages targeting both the UK and the USA.

Researching The Market, Understanding The Audience

The most integral part of any business strategy is researching the market before laying out a detailed business plan. Since it depends on the kind of customer base the business aims to target, simple keyword research or researching what the audience prefers can be a great way to enhance the strategic plan.

Competitor Research

Knowing the audience is as crucial as knowing who the competitor is, as it helps businesses get a better picture of the market. Before entering a new market, conducting an in-depth analysis of the international competition is the best way to move forward. A deeper understanding of the competition helps businesses gain better market insight and fill gaps.

Competitor research

Optimizing The Website As Per Language

Language is a deciding factor for businesses to gain much-needed brand exposure internationally. As part of the international SEO strategy, businesses need to optimize their website in the native language to attract new customers. A customer-driven website language provides a better user experience, which helps businesses convert visitors into potential customers.

Optimizing the website as per language

Use Dedicated URLs

Businesses must use localized content for each page. Google, which dominates the search engine, recommends using different URLs for each language version.

While targeting audiences in different countries, businesses must focus on having different versions of content on dedicated URLs. 

Use dedicated URLs

Language-Target Website

Businesses need to use the right language for each website page to get more exposure, whether they already have dedicated websites for each country or subfolders on a single domain. This practice sends search engines such as Google signals informing that the content is meant for users in specific locations, offering a better user experience and ranking the page higher on search engines.

Language-target website

Use The Hreflang Attribute

If businesses use different URLs for different languages, using hreflang annotations assists Google search results in linking to the correct web page per the language.

Also, through language and country codes, businesses can dictate which webpage to show as the hreflang attribute specifies the country and language of the alternate page.

Use the hreflang attribute

Find The Right Keywords

Choosing the right keywords and finding what exactly people of that country are searching for will help businesses in the long run. Not just finding the keywords but targeting them on relevant days will also be a crucial part of the SEO strategy

Various keyword tools, such as Google Keyword Planner, can lay out details about the monthly search volumes and help businesses incorporate the best keywords into their international SEO strategy.

Find the right keywords

Create Localized Content

To target audiences of a specific country, it is necessary to add content that remains relevant for the local users. Content needs to be targeted just as the look & feel, and design aspects need to be as per the local taste.

Create localized content

Deploy A Powerful Link-Building Strategy

Link building strategy helps position businesses at the top of search engines. An integral part of the SEO strategy, it helps search engines locate new web pages. Additionally, increasing the quantity and quality of backlinks directed toward the website would improve search engine results.

Deploy a powerful link-building strategy


Still confused about International SEO?

Don’t be!

Looking to expand your business to another country?

TZS Digital, a search engine optimization company, is your answer. We understand the importance of SEO in business and can help your business follow the best practices. Implement an International SEO strategy and find potential customers for your products and services.

International SEO is not just a tactic, but a comprehensive strategy that ensures businesses not only enter but thrive in global markets. It’s about creating a seamless experience that resonates culturally and linguistically with diverse audiences, thus boosting both relevance and rankings in international search engines. Implementing effective international SEO can lead to sustainable growth, increased brand recognition, and enhanced competitive advantage in the global marketplace.

For businesses looking to scale globally, understanding the intricacies of International SEO is imperative. At TZS Digital, we specialize in crafting tailored SEO strategies that not only bridge linguistic and cultural gaps but also align with corporate goals to drive international growth and success. Whether you are exploring new markets or looking to optimize existing international operations, our team can guide you through every step of the process, ensuring your digital presence is both powerful and profitable.


  • Assisting a luxury goods retailer to rank in European markets by optimizing for local luxury shopping trends and preferences.
  • Enhancing the online presence of a software provider by targeting specific tech hubs around the world with localized content strategies.

By focusing on these strategic areas, businesses can effectively leverage International SEO to not only reach but resonate with a global audience, driving both growth and success in new markets.

We have helped our clients build successful business-customer relationships by following the best industry practices and advanced marketing techniques.

Our organic search engine optimization services have benefitted numerous clients across the globe and helped them scale their businesses.

Looking to build a strong presence in other countries. Connect with us today and seamlessly present your business to potential customers in other countries.

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