Content Marketing Services

We not only write content for the client but ensure that our content can transform business and create an impact on readers organically. We focus on curating the best content format, producing high-quality content, optimizing it for search engines, and amplifying it across different channels. Our team of professionals provides you SEO friendly content so that your brand can break the clutter and rank top on Google page. Our idea is not to offer you quality content, but here we go that extra mile with you to help your brand reach its objectives.

Content on your website speaks for your brand and a suitable content defines its personality. To reach the maximum relevant audience, content should essentially be SEO optimized. Here at TZS Digital, we write content that captures people’s attention and guides the consumer until they become another happy customer. Either it’s website content writing, company profile writing, Blog writing, Article writing, Case study or Copywriting for SEO, we do all the content and bid keywords properly to get a high rank on the search engines. We understand the dominance of content on the website and how it works for various digital marketing factors like organic ranking, consumer engagement, lead generation etc.

Our Content Marketing Services include the following process-

Content Strategy

We create content that matches your business style and develop a strategy that focuses on your target market and audience. 

Writing and editing

Our content experts create content based on your business requirements and tailor it according to your marketing goals. It can be in the form of case studies, guest blogs, infographics, etc.

Content Distribution

We make sure that your website content reaches the right people by distributing it on relevant and popular social media platforms, content sites of influencers, bloggers, etc.

Content Maintenance

We remove the internal links with relevant ones and replace outdated statistics with fresh ones. This helps you stay up to date and enhances your brand image.

Our strategic Content Marketing Approach 

Blogs- Blogging helps you to connect with your relevant audience. It is the best platform to update your customers about the latest trend.

E-Guides– It is a complete description of your business in the form of e-books.

Videos- By making impactful videos, we can grab the customer’s attention quickly. This way of marketing is catching momentum swiftly.

Social Media- Social media is a widely used platform. By posting daily updates, memes, pop-ups, etc on social media pages, we can grab the attention of the targeted audience. 

Whitepapers- This is an apt technique to educate readers and help them make right decisions. It reveals the fact that you are an industry expert and can provide detailed insight on relevant topics

What do we offer?

We deliver recognition

With the help of our well-versed content team, we offer content marketing strategies that are inclined towards delivering brand recognition.

We bring traffic

We help you increase the desired website traffic for your business.

We get you leads

Get the maximum number of leads with content marketing techniques, tactics and strategies that leave no stone unturned.

We offer conversions

We help you get the best conversions from top quality leads and ensure your business gains greater heights.

Why choose TZS Digital?

  • We listen, we understand
  • We strategize, we excel
  • We know the right tools
  • We retain, we build

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do you research the target audience?

To know the exact audience, we do a lot of analysis about the brand, its competitors, business category and gather all the relevant information related to its industry. 

What are the essential elements of good web content?

Encapsulated below are the elements that we must-have in every web content-

Description: Web content should be written considering ‘what the reader wants’. 

Engagement: We create content that engages the audience till the last sentence.

CTA: Most online content is written with a marketing objective. Therefore, a content writer should know how to drive a “Call To Action”.

Credibility: The information being used in a blog or an online article must be from a legitimate source. 

Originality: Content should be plagiarism free.

What makes your content marketing service unique?

We create content that helps businesses to grab the attention of the targeted audience. We use great tools to create content that connects with your business objectives. 

How do you integrate SEO into your content?

Here are some of the SEO techniques that every content writer are expected to know-

Keyword Density- The content writer should be careful about the keyword density in the write-up. The keyword density should be maintained at 2 to 5 %. 

Meta Tags- It helps in describing a page’s content without being a part of the text. You can see them only in the page’s code.

Body Tags- H1, H2, H3, H4 tags are used to describe the importance of a heading within web content.

Alt Tags- They are used to describe the attributes of an image.

URL Structure- By using small URLs along with keyword & location makes the URL search easier and user friendly.

Internal/External Linking- Quality linking leads to better content engagement.

What is the idea behind content marketing?

The idea behind content marketing is to create a bond with your target audience and inform them about your products/services in a friendly manner. It also shows them the value of your products/services.