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At TZS Digital, our skilled professionals know the importance and impact of email marketing services. We excel at providing custom email marketing services to brands that drive engagements and high conversions. Email marketing is one of the most effective techniques to attract new audiences and re-engage existing ones. With email marketing, clients can also keep in touch with their current audience and upsell different products without spending money on ads.

The success of an email depends on how we plan, design, and execute. TZS Digital offers the best email marketing services in India and assists you in strategizing the sequencing of your emails. Post strategizing email sequencing, we shoot relevant emails to the matched audience. Our aim is always to increase the open rates of your emails by your audience.

Our email marketing experts help you establish a direct, engaging, and personal relationship with the customers, valuable for your business. Through the email tools, we send our emails to the target audience that are integrated with the social media and landing pages, keeping in mind to generate quality leads, better engagement, and high ROI.

We don’t just claim it, we are best in what we do, and happy clients are an outcome of our expertise in digital marketing. As an email marketing company in India, we have surpassed our set targets in numerous digital campaigns.

How Do We Work?

Effective email marketing is a process, which consists of several distinct steps. We understand the importance of email marketing and hence we follow these processes to make an impactful campaign.

  • 1


    This refers to subscriber lists, including their contact details and email address. This information may come from a company’s CRM consisting of customer database or potential customers from lead magnets and other marketing initiatives that gather email information.

  • 2


    This refers to the creation of the email campaign including content, layout, structure, design and an effective call to action.

  • 3


    We distribute emails in different categories. Our main aim is to get your brand emails to the client’s inbox instead of spam or a junk folder.

  • 4


    We track and analyze the recipient’s interaction with the emails, by keeping a close tab on delivery rates, open rates and click-through rates.

Why you need Email marketing?

Email marketing is considered one of the most effective methods of online marketing. It is the most cost-effective way to get in touch with thousands of subscribers, and also help generate high traffic volumes to your website. Some major impacts are:

What do we offer?

We believe in creating a relevant campaign to achieve a higher success rate. That’s the reason we spend considerable time understanding your business and your clients before we develop an email marketing campaign.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s the point of email marketing?
Through email marketing, we can reach many people at once to encourage them to do business with you. And to be careful, email marketers must keep their end goals in mind and execute their strategy in a way that leads their subscribers to willingly complete the desired action. This process builds audience trust through emails, thus increasing the sender’s credibility and getting that sender closer to their desired goal.
How do I grow my email subscriber list?

Email marketing services is only successful when you send emails to potential customers. A large email list doesn’t guarantee success. You have to make sure that you’re updating your list with the right people/customers. 


To solve this, your email list should include past, current and potential customers. From that list, you can branch out to neighbours, acquaintances, and contacts from clubs and organizations. It’s also important that you give people plenty of opportunities to sign up for your email list through opt-in boxes on your website and blog.

Should you buy an email list?

Unfortunately, the path to success has no shortcuts, and buying an email list is nothing but a bad idea. Bombarding somebody’s email ID won’t take your business any far. However, it will eventually end up causing more harm than good, such as the email service provider can penalise you, or you may end up damaging your IP reputation badly.

What is the best kind of subject line for mailers?

Email subject line should be written properly to attract customers. It should be striking so that customers should respond or open your email to see the full body. It’s the first thing that your subscribers notice. It’s your gateway to further communication. So, make it personalized, short and have a message that matters to the audience. You have only 3-4 seconds to create an impact and let anyone decide to open an email.

How to get customers to open your emails?

Customers open emails when they connect with the subject line and with those that sound relevant to them. So, the first thing you need to do is to understand your customer’s expectations and things that matter to them the most. Before sending an email, ask yourself a few questions such as:

“Does the email content, especially the subject line, matter to my customer?” 


Customers easily connect to personalized emails, and when the call to action is relevant. If you create an urgency, they do read and respond as well. Before writing an email, just focus on the value you create for the customer and the benefits you are offering.

Will you generate leads through an email marketing campaign?

For every campaign, you need a strategy that can connect with the customer, and email campaigns have time and again proved to stimulate results. The right strategy to the right customer can hit the right note.

How can email marketing services benefit your business?

Stay in touch with your customers or keep them informed; email marketing is the tool. It is the most cost-effective marketing method which can help a contact convert into business. Email marketing is the new age channel to engage with potential customers, from reaching new customers to generating leads.


TZS Digital offers the best email marketing services in India with the help of a constructive yet impactful marketing strategy.

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