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Paid marketing services in India have become one of the most important part of Digital Marketing. In this digital world of fierce competition, a brand has to elevate a notch higher to reach its audience. Paid Marketing or PPC advertising service is a great avenue to attract customers in huge numbers.

TZS Digital provides one of the best PPC services in India. Positioned as a dominant pay per click management company, we have developed our unique methodology of managing campaigns for small startups and big global leaders. 

We excel at designing Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, YouTube Ads, Twitter and Quora Ads. With a client’s specific goal in mind (engagement / awareness / leads / conversion) we aim to create highly effective and optimized campaigns which turn out to be successful. 

Our PPC services start with keyword research and selection that defines your business. We then strategize the bids and manage it to maximize your brand reach. The campaign is then tracked on a regular basis to verify conversion rates and analyze PPC effectiveness. These practices have created some mind-boggling results for our clients, making us the top paid marketing company in India. 

Why Paid Marketing?

Cost Effective

Money spent on paid marketing results in meeting the particular goals of a brand within a pre-decided budget frame. You have full control over how much to spend on a certain campaign.

Immediate Results
Results are faster than the traditional organic marketing.
Pay When Clicked
The client only pays when his ad is clicked by a cold or warm audience. So technically, you are only paying to get a potential lead.
Targeted Ads

You can select the target market based on interests, locations, lifestyle and much more. So you show your ads to the audience that are interested in your products or services. 

Easily Trackable Results
Tracking and tweaking on the basis of results is what makes paid marketing services more efficient and result oriented.
Consistent & High Intent Traffic
Once the ad campaign starts, depending on the quality of the ad copy and design, leads start pouring in. If the campaign is conversion based, you can see immediate conversions too.
Better ROI

Every penny is out to good use by getting leads in return. Hence the ROI is higher than other organic or traditional strategies. 

The ads can be retargeted towards the interested customers. There is a feature to create a lookalike audience too, which increases the target base for the client.

Our approach for your Paid Marketing Services

  • 1


    We understand the importance of paid campaigns and that’s the reason we carefully research and understand your business objectives to proceed with the correct solution. Understanding the objective helps us to come up with a smarter strategy for a campaign for your brand.

  • 2

    Platform Selection

    Choosing the right platform is one of the key elements of a paid campaign. And to choose the best platform for your business, we analyse your business competitors and target audience closely.

  • 3

    Compelling Ad copy

    We write high converting ad copies highlighting pain points or desired solution that triggers FOMO or urgency, to get a higher click-through-rate (CTR) and return on ad-spends (ROAS).

  • 4


    Our experts analyze and research the right target audience for your business. We help you save money on irrelevant clicks from an random audience. We choose the most effective keywords to target the relevant audience on search engines and social platforms.

  • 5

    Landing Page Optimization

    We create and optimize an excellent landing page for ads to extract optimal conversion. We take care of the relevancy of the landing page to the ad, user experience, inquiry form, etc.

  • 6

    Analyse, Optimize and Report

    We focus on analyzing and optimizing the campaign for the best performance and report the progress to the client with utmost transparency.

How we are unique from others?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is paid advertising?

Paid advertising refers to the practice of using ads to attract traffic to a website or a specific webpage. In the paid advertising model, a client usually bids for keywords related to his niche or business within an advertising platform. The advertising platform with a relevant audience tries to match the keyword with people who are searching for the same information with the same keyword. Once a person searches for the same keyword selected by the advertiser, he will be automatically shown the ads optimized by the advertiser along with the search query results. In this case, the advertiser will only be charged if the person clicks on one of the ads and visits his website or webpage.


You should consider paid marketing services when you want to: 

  • Fill gaps where organic traction is weak. 
  • Strengthen visibility of your products or services. 
  • Get early and immediate access to the market.
What are essential components of a paid marketing ads?

An paid ad or a PPC ad usually consists of the following elements:

  • Headline
  • Description
  • Display URL
  • Destination URL
Can this get expensive for me?

The biggest advantage of paid marketing services is that you can pre-decide the budget and work around that. We at TZS Digital understand your budget restraints and advice a strategy likewise.

Is paid marketing only opted when a brand is selling a product?

No. Paid marketing has different objectives for which ads can be run. You can run them to spread brand awareness, create traffic on your landing page/website, conversions, educate your customers, create buzz before a launch etc. As per your end objectives, we set up the ads.

How soon can I see results?

Each ad has a definite period for which it runs. The first month usually goes in A/B testing the content and design. The behavior of the audience is checked. Once we get the ad results, we tweak and optimize the ad/landing page for better results. We share leads and the report with you periodically to see results first hand.

Why should I hire a paid marketing company? Can’t I do this on my own?

Sure, you can try your hand at paid marketing for your brand. But there is not one but many permutations and combinations to make a campaign successful. With money being involved in PPC campaigns, one can lose a lot of money before they master the art of launching successful campaigns. By hiring a paid marketing company, you can leverage their expertise and create results for your brand without wasting time and money. 

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