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Tauquir Zaidi The Troubleshooter
No matter what time it is, you'll always find him brainstorming new ideas. Known for his out of the box marketing strategies and his extensive knowledge of every aspect of industry, he lives by the motto of improving at least 1% a day and urges his teammates to follow the same.
Pavan Jain The Navigator
Pavan pushes himself to accomplish more, learn more and improve on a daily basis. He is always on the lookout for the proper path, and he frequently finds it. Being the strategy brains behind every project, it's no surprise that clients love to seek his advice!
Sneha Malhotra The Bookwoman
Sneha, the dedicated Team Leader at TZS Digital, brings passion and expertise to the forefront. With a strategic mindset and excellent leadership skills, she guides her team towards success. Known for fostering a collaborative work environment, Sneha is a driving force behind TZS Digital's achievements. Her commitment and innovative approach make her an invaluable asset to the team.
Pratishtha Shakya The Time Muse
Pratishtha, the powerhouse behind our team! With a flair of precision, she handles tasks effortlessly, ensuring the deadlines are not only met but exceeded. As our Senior Social Media Manager she extends the perfect amount of support and expertise, ensuring things run like clockwork. Beyond the work desk, she's a creative spirit who finds joy in exploring new places.
Tia Pratap The Social Media Engineer
Tia joined TZS as a Social Media Executive, and is currently based out of Chandigarh. Tia has 2 years of experience in the industry and she excels in fine-tuning social media pages to drive maximum engagement. A vivacious person, engaging the masses through social media comes naturally to her!
Smriti Singh Post Machine
Smriti's enthusiasm for Social Media is not just infectious but truly transformative. Her ability to craft innovative and captivating content consistently propels client engagement and viewership to unprecedented heights. More than just a strategist, she's an exceptional team player, adept at recognizing and harnessing the unique strengths of her colleagues to optimize results.
Abhishek Pathor The Web Geek
Abhishek is a deep-thinker with vivid imagination and creates beautiful website with attractive UI/UX designs. You will always find him engrossed in his laptop while he hums his favorite music. He has a great experience in website design and SEO-optimized content writing. All in all a complete package for us.
Nishant Dhiman The Web Tactician
Nishant is a versatile professional skilled in SEO, Web Development, Digital Marketing, and Application Development. He excels at creating impactful online experiences and optimizing websites for success. Off the clock, he enjoys the exhilaration of badminton. With his expertise and dedication, Nishant is a valuable asset to any team.
Gaurav Upraity Master Strategist
Gaurav tackles Paid Marketing objectives with the precision and determination of a master strategist. His approach to accomplishing goals is methodical and impactful, akin to a skilled tactician meticulously executing a well-planned strategy. He doesn't just meet targets; he sets new benchmarks for success.
Subhash Thapa The Creative Guru
He is the creative force behind our graphic and motion graphics design. He is the one who adds that extra spark to visuals, blending creativity with tech skills to deliver designs that stand out. When he's not shaping pixels, you can catch him conquering creative mountains or strumming away his guitar.
Milan Karmakar The Sublime Artist
Where words are the tools of a writer; Milan’s tools are his brush-strokes and beautiful color pallets that he creates. He is a fast thinker and easily translates client’s requirements into art. He has a keen understanding of client’s tastes and is able to execute his creative work effortlessly.
Varun Rawat The Creative Ninja
Varun is the most silent of everyone in the team. But don't be tricked by his silence; he's one of our most talented motion graphic designers. Varun and his team can handle any kind of motion graphic design project you have.
Vishesh Jhadi The Quiet Go-Getter
Vishesh is a calm, hardworking developer who strives for perfection. A business student who eventually found his calling as a web developer and enjoys bringing user experience to life. Outside of work, he enjoys experimenting with grids and CSS styling. And what about rest? He's a basketball champion with a passion for art and of course, websites!
Mariyam Ali Zaidi The Empath
Mariyam is the company's unofficial lawyer, psychologist, event planner and peacemaker, handling everything from the recruiting process to bridging management and employee relations and also ensures that all people-related procedures and strategy are in compliance with the law.
Sujit Kumar The Financial Wizard
Sujit enjoys the analytical nature of using data to spot trends and growth opportunities and is also passionate about accounting and auditing concepts. Be it strategy, finance, operations or upskilling, he double ticks all the boxes!
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A destination based content portal helping people of a particular city to explore what’s currently happening in that city. Restaurants, exciting events, hotels, shopping, wellness, spas, getaways and much more to provide a cohesive experience of the entire city. The famous face of entertainment Mr. Ranvijay Singha is the brand ambassador for What’s Up Life.
What’s Up Life has been a collaborative partner with us. We serve as an in house digital agency for all its client’s needs. The common passion for excellence and the hunger to grow multiple folds brings us to work in harmony with each other.
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