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An Individual Commitment To A Group Effort

Tauquir Zaidi The Troubleshooter
No matter what time it is, you'll always find him brainstorming new ideas. Known for his out of the box marketing strategies and his extensive knowledge of every aspect of industry, he lives by the motto of improving at least 1% a day and urges his teammates to follow the same.
Pavan Jain The Navigator
Pavan pushes himself to accomplish more, learn more and improve on a daily basis. He is always on the lookout for the proper path, and he frequently finds it. Being the strategy brains behind every project, it's no surprise that clients love to seek his advice!
Ashish Ranjan The Strategist
He's a multitasker, with several tabs open at any given time yet he executes every strategy flawlessly. His tactics increase conversions and the way he describes services, it is easy to grasp even for those who aren't tech savvy.
Aditi Mishra The Social Arm
She leads social media to effect genuine change. You'll find her glued to her chair, sharing stuff on Instagram one minute and studying competitors the next to gain a better understanding of the market.
Paras Shode The Social Media Rockstar
Paras is an excellent team player with an analytical approach that understands business difficulties while still wearing the creative cap. His philosophy of taking a positive and strategic attitude to life helps in the production of best-in-class deliverables.
Sneha Malhotra The Bookwoman
Sneha is a woman who has an avid sense of creative imagination. She brings a strong point of view to all brands, briefs and assignments and it shows in her work. Loves to come up with creative content and play around with words. She has conceived, managed and executed some extremely outstanding work since the day she joined us.
Anita Kunwar The Copy Cruncher
From digital media to video production, she has done it all. She is an avid traveler and travel photographer who always seeks a purpose to get out and enjoy nature to the utmost. Apart from being a nature lover, she is also a home chef who enjoys experimenting with cuisine as a way to relax. With Thor-like confidence and her own distinct style, she is ready to take over the world!
Debitama Mitra The Quirky
A visionary leader who draws inspiration and ideas from a variety of sources, including unrelated areas, small interactions and the unexpected. Her focus is always on getting the message across to the audience.
Prasad Wadekar The Artist
He's a designer with a lot of imagination and always comes up with some unusual ideas. Be it social media animations, gifs, landing pages and illustrations, you name it, he'll create it. His best skill is his ability to manage time and complete his tasks on schedule. We appreciate you, Prasad!
Abhishek Sharma The Artsy Geek
Abhishek is an excellent team player who empathizes with a wide range of artistic issues while also wearing the creative hat and working tirelessly to guarantee that the deliverables are top-notch.
Varun Rawat The Creative Ninja
He's the most silent of everyone in the team. But don't be tricked by his silence; he's one of our most talented motion graphic designers. Varun and his team can handle any kind of motion graphic design project you have.
Beerendra Pratap Singh The Handyman
The driving force behind all of our digital marketing strategies. Beerendra does not belong to any team, he is a team by himself. Any marketing campaign our customer or our team needs, he is the one we can count on to implement it.
Priyanka Kumari The Hustler
An inquisitive individual who enjoys digging deep into things to see how they work. Extroverted person who loves going on adventures and visiting new places. As she works to become the best digital marketing expert, Priyanka is an excellent example of someone who lets her work speak for itself.
Vishesh Jhadi The Quiet Go-Getter
Vishesh is a calm, hardworking developer who strives for perfection. A business student who eventually found his calling as a web developer and enjoys bringing user experience to life. Outside of work, he enjoys experimenting with grids and CSS styling. And what about rest? He's a basketball champion with a passion for art and of course, websites!
Mariyam Ali Zaidi The Empath
She is the company's unofficial lawyer, psychologist, event planner and peacemaker, handling everything from the recruiting process to bridging management and employee relations and also ensures that all people-related procedures and strategy are in compliance with the law.
Sujit Kumar The Financial Wizard
Sujit enjoys the analytical nature of using data to spot trends and growth opportunities and is also passionate about accounting and auditing concepts. Be it strategy, finance, operations or upskilling, he double ticks all the boxes!
S.M. Sajjad The Expert
His professional maturity and depth have aided in the development of excellent client connections. He has been playing a key role in fortifying our ties with our network across the border. Sajjad doesn't need to be a part of any team; he is his own team. With the ambition of turning TZS Digital into the agency of the future, he is the ultimate torchbearer of our brand in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Ruma Malia The Planner
Her outstanding knowledge of the craft shows up consistently in every piece of work she does for the clients. Give Ruma the most difficult stuff and she'll make sure that she can describe it to you in under a minute.
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A destination based content portal helping people of a particular city to explore what’s currently happening in that city. Restaurants, exciting events, hotels, shopping, wellness, spas, getaways and much more to provide a cohesive experience of the entire city. The famous face of entertainment Mr. Ranvijay Singha is the brand ambassador for What’s Up Life.
What’s Up Life has been a collaborative partner with us. We serve as an in house digital agency for all its client’s needs. The common passion for excellence and the hunger to grow multiple folds brings us to work in harmony with each other.
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