Best SEO Company
in India

Best SEO Agency in India

Search Engine Optimization is an online media strategy that has been in use since the genesis of search engines. SEO provides a long-lasting competitive edge to businesses that use it effectively.  

Using SEO, organisations can target their audience organically which translates to a remarkable improvement in key metrics like average time spent on page, audience conversion rates, etc.  

Our team at TZS thoroughly analyses all available SEO strategies that can be employed for the business to increase its reach towards its audience.

That is why, we can proudly say that TZS is the Best SEO Agency in India.

Best SEO Agency in India
Best SEO Agency in India

Professional SEO Services We Offer

You may find lots of “easy-to-use” techniques for SEO on the web.

However, to be able to gain maximum results from SEO strategies, an agency needs to update its methods regularly according to changes in the Search Engine algorithm.

Most agencies do not bother with this process. Evidently, they are stuck on strategies from 5 years ago. Here at TZS, we avoid that at all costs.

Our Team of experts carefully reviews these changes and fine-tunes the SEO strategy for all our clients. Our customers are kept in the loop and regularly updated on changes in SEO strategies for their business.

All-In-One SEO Solution

SEO Solution

TZS provides a comprehensive array of SEO services. These services include: on-page and off-page optimizations for the website, implementation of technical SEO methods, quality-rich content and much more.

From research to production to distribution, TZS takes care of all SEO strategies for our clients.

Best SEO Agency in India


At TZS, we have an open discussion with our clients about SEO strategies. Our SEO consultant reviews the past performance of the business and suggests different techniques to achieve the desired results.

The consultant’s review includes techniques like SEO audits, strategising for future, creating content briefs, etc. Additionally, our SEO consultant will also provide technical recommendations that the client can implement to further improve Search Engine performance.

Best SEO Agency in India


Our SEO team uses On-Site optimisation techniques that improve the page’s ranking in relevant Search Engine results. The process eliminates issues with website pages that are preventing it from being ranked at the top. 

These issues include non-performing meta titles, meta descriptions and poor image alt tag optimisations. Once these issues are solved for various pages, the overall ranking of the website improves. Thus, giving it the top ranking spot in search results.  

Best SEO Agency in India


Off-Page SEO are techniques implemented outside of the website pages to improve the overall ranking of a website in Search Engine results. Our team thoroughly goes through each method involved in Off-Page SEO that will best suit the particular needs of a client. 

These methods include non-spammy link-building, posts from featured guests, generating positive user reviews, creating a Google My Business profile, local SEO optimisations, niche edits etc.

Best SEO Agency in India

Local SEO

A business thrives when it adequately serves its local customer base. This success generates trust and confidence in the business to serve a wider audience as the world becomes more globalised.  

Therefore, TZS understands the importance of Local SEO. Our team thoroughly reviews available techniques to improve the ranking in local Search Engine results.  These techniques include: creating social network profiles, listing the business in local directories, local keyword research and optimisation, creating Google My Business profile, etc.

Best SEO Agency in India


Technicality requires expertise and precision. Both of which TZS’ team of SEO professionals have in ample supply. They sit down with each client to explain and explore technical SEO strategies that enhance the overall user experience and help improve the organisation’s ranking in search results. 

These strategies include minimising site load times, optimising URLs, incorporating canonical tags, implementing site-page redirects to primarily fix broken links, etc.

SEO Audits


An audit helps the team of SEO experts at TZS understand the specifics of a business. These details include the company’s business model, the industry it operates in, its target audience, type of product and services offered etc. 

Through this understanding, the team is able to sufficiently explain to clients the failings of its current SEO strategy and what it must do to achieve organic results in the future. 

Once these strategies are employed, it becomes very likely for website pages to rank on top in relevant search results and stay there.

Content Writing Services

Content Writing

In the past, many dodgy businesses would thrive by creating high quantities of low quality content that was stuffed with too many keywords, affiliate links, ads, promotional content, etc. 

Thank heavens, Google and other search engines have implemented changes in their algorithm to counter this. Now, quality content must be produced that brings real value to the brand’s customers. 

TZS understands this and over the years has cultivated a team of solid professionals who provide impeccable content writing services. They produce content which is keyword-rich (but not too much) and well-researched to generate organic traffic.

Why Should You Hire TZS for SEO Services

TZS’ team of SEO experts analyses all available SEO strategies that can be employed for your business to increase its organic reach. The team remains up-to-date with all changes in Search Engine algorithm and accordingly fine-tunes SEO strategies for your brand. 

TZS employs an experienced team of professional SEO strategists that know the importance of an excellent SEO strategy in driving baseline revenues for our customers. The team understands the vital nature of an integrated SEO strategy which can bring an overall long-lasting positive change in brand image and its relationship with its audience.

The SEO team discusses the SEO strategy in-depth with each client. It ensures that clients are kept in the loop about techniques and strategies being used to improve the SEO of their website. Regular updates are given through chosen communication channels (email, whatsapp, telegram, ClickUp) to the clients about the performance of chosen SEO strategies. 

Compared to other SEO agencies, TZS is far more efficient with our clients’ investments. Meaning, we bring in more results for the same amount. Thus, we boast one of the highest ROIs on the investment.

Agencies regularly hide behind the excuse of “Long term benefits take a long while to manifest”. But TZS believes in achieving outcomes rapidly. Businesses can see the impact of concentrated efforts on the SEO front within just a few months. 

To ensure efficient delivery on targets, our team of SEO experts at TZS maintains a tight and effective workflow. It uses powerful tools like ClickUp to manage its day-to-day operations and Discord for communicating with each other.

Best SEO Agency in India

Our SEO Process

The SEO strategy is discussed with the client in-depth. Our team of experts sits down with the client and ensures that they are kept in the loop about techniques and strategies being used to improve their website’s SEO.   

The clients can choose their desired channel of communication (Email, WhatsApp, Telegram, ClickUp!) through which regular updates about changes in SEO strategy and its performance can be given.

Understanding Client’s Business Requirements

Understanding Client’s
Business Requirements

It is crucial for any SEO agency to understand the business. This includes the company’s business model, the industry it operates in, its target audience, type of product and services offered etc. 

The understanding thus gained, helps the team to deliver maximum results by fine-tuning the SEO strategy.

Conducting An
SEO Audit

An audit helps the team of SEO experts at TZS understand the failings of a website’s current SEO strategy and what it must do to achieve organic results in the future.

Implementing these strategies help the website achieve and maintain high rankings in related search results.

Creating a Strategy

Creating a

The above two processes culminate to give birth to this one. Knowledge gained through understanding the business and auditing the existing SEO strategy helps the team craft a new SEO strategy that will bring results. 

The strategy revamps the SEO of the website filling any gaps that were left unchecked in the past.

Keyword Research


Professional SEO experts perform deep research for keywords that are relevant to the business. This includes identifying keywords with sufficient levels of traffic volume, scope for ranking high on search results, unique meaning, etc. 

Once the research is done, the keywords are meaningfully added to the website’s content in order to avoid potential penalties. 

Technical Optimisation


Technical SEO strategies need skill and accuracy, which TZS’ SEO experts possess abundantly. They work with each client to discuss and apply technical SEO methods that boost the user experience and the organisation’s search ranking. 

These methods involve reducing site loading times, refining URLs, adding canonical tags, setting up site-page redirects to mainly fix broken links, and so on.

On-Page & UX Optimisation

On-Page &
UX Optimisation

By applying On-Page optimization techniques, our SEO team improves the page’s ranking in related Search Engine results. The process removes issues with website pages that are stopping them from being ranked at the top.

Our team also performs UX optimisation which involves optimising page speed, simplifying navigation, using clear and consistent labels and ensuring contrast and readability.

Content Creation


TZS has formed a team of trustworthy professionals over the years who provide flawless content writing services. They craft content that is well-researched and rich in keywords (but not too much) to attract organic traffic.

The above processes assist content creation by having relevant keywords at hand, knowledge about the target audience and the industry business is operating in and the type of content to boost SEO of the website.


The team, after crafting quality content that is well-researched and keyword rich, sets its sights upon the task of content distribution. 

Because their audience usually interacts in that particular channel of communication, different types of businesses are suited to different channels. After identifying the correct channel, the team distributes the content through effective campaigns to reach the widest possible audience.

Link Building


The last step is to build deeper trust in the target audience by creating backlinks from well-established websites that command authority in their industry. 

These backlinks act as badges of honour for Search Engine Algorithms. After receiving enough badges, the algorithm deems the website authoritative and ranks it on top in search results. This strategy is proven to work and helps businesses gain long-term visibility.

Why SEO is Important for Business

Paid marketing will get you quick results. But those results would stop as soon as the campaign budget ran out. 

SEO, on the other hand, is inexpensive (practically free) and brings long-term benefits. It helps to connect with the audience in an organic manner because of which they spend more time on the website and are more likely to buy company’s products and services.

Brand Awareness

A good SEO strategy helps the brand’s website rank high in relevant search results. This means people searching for solutions pertaining to that industry will see the brand’s name on top. Research confirms people are more likely to click on higher ranked results. 

organic leads

The average CTR of the first organic result in Google search is 28%; 10x higher than the 10th position. A good SEO strategy will bring in more organic leads as the website will be ranked higher on search results.

conversion rate

A good SEO strategy takes the brand to its audiences in an effective and organic manner. This cultivates a relationship of trust with that company due to which its customers are more likely to buy their products and services.

To stay ahead
of competition

SEO, brings a long-term competitive edge to businesses which employ it effectively. It is a method which compounds results over time. Unlike paid marketing, there is no limit to the potential of an excellent SEO strategy. 

Develop trust
in your brand

SEO cultivates a relationship of trust with the brand’s audience rather than using them as tools of cold marketing. This results in visitors spending more time on that brand’s website and buying their products and services.

Frequently Asked Questions

SEO services are professional services that help websites improve their visibility and ranking on search engines. These services include keyword research, content creation, link building, site audit, analytics, etc. SEO services can help websites attract more organic traffic, generate more leads, and increase conversions.

The three main areas of SEO are On-Page, Off-Page and Technical optimisations. On-Page refers to strategies implemented on website pages to improve their ranking in search results. Off-Page includes methods implemented outside the website to improve rankings on search engines. Technical Optimisations include back-end work to make the site a smoother experience for the visitors. 

SEO is important because it helps websites attract more traffic, increase their credibility and trustworthiness, and reach their target audience. It is an inexpensive strategy which brings long-term benefits. By following SEO best practices, websites can rank higher in search engines and provide value to their users.

Yes, it is absolutely possible to rank for the desired keyword by implementing sound SEO practices. However, the results will not be instant and most likely vary depending on the difficulty to rank the particular keyword on the first available SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

Paid marketing will get you quick results. But those results would stop as soon as the campaign budget ran out. SEO, on the other hand, is an inexpensive strategy which brings long-term benefits. It generates more clicks, increases brand credibility, establishes domain authority and builds a relationship of trust with the target audience. 

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