Digital Marketing has penetrated almost every industry today. No business can fathom surviving in today’s competitive world without leveraging the power of digital marketing. 

Today, in this blog we are going to throw light on how healthcare businesses can skyrocket their growth with digital marketing. 

But before the how first have a look at the why!

A study says, approximately 60% of consumers search over the internet before booking an appointment for specialists, physical therapists, nursing homes and optometrists. 

Furthermore, 94% of healthcare patients prefer online reviews to compare and evaluate healthcare providers. Besides, 88% of medical appointments are scheduled by phone. 

Mind-Boggling facts, isn’t it?

We live in a rapidly evolving digital world, and it is impossible to think about a consumer with no digital footprints.

The future is digital, and healthcare providers are leaving no stone unturned to keep up with the rising consumer demand. 

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The journey of a healthcare consumer begins with researching about the providers online, comparing who offers the better services, which eventually leads to a conversion.

So if you are just leveraging offline marketing, you are losing out on tonnes of business opportunities. 

digital marketing for healthcare

What is Healthcare Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing refers to the promotion of services to consumers by the means of effective social media platforms. Digital marketing in healthcare has enabled businesses to reach their target audience effectively. In addition, it enables health specialists to showcase expertise to patients or consumers through online platforms and build a reputation in the industry.

Having said that, there has been a radical shift in the healthcare industry which creates both opportunities and challenges for the marketers. 

One is the digitally empowered consumer and the other is the focus on patient satisfaction and loyalty for long-term survival. 

Today the consumer doesn’t just require treatment, they require 100% assurance in the expertise of any healthcare brand. This can only be achieved with the power of digital marketing. 

Digital Marketing in the Healthcare Industry

Digital marketing for the healthcare industry can pave the way for medical practitioners to stay connected with the existing and new patients whenever they need it.

Let’s delve deeper into some digital marketing techniques to increase visibility and expand your medical institution in the growth-driven digital world.


There are at least 100 billion searches for healthcare on Google alone each year. That’s 273 million healthcare searches a day

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. With the help of SEO experts, you can improve your patients’ user experience, increase your visibility on the search results, and drive more organic traffic to your healthcare website. 

For Example: When a customer googles “Best dermatologist near me” , SEO helps websites of healthcare institutions or independent doctors to land their name on the first page to get maximum clicks.

Check out how the complete SEO process works here. 

Content Marketing

 66% of internet users look online for information about a specific disease or medical problem

Content is King, and businesses with great content connect well with the audience.

Populating authoritative content through blogs, infographics, videos, e-books, etc unveils the expertise of a healthcare provider amongst its audience. 

For Example: If you are a dietician, informative blogs and social media posts on popular topics like obesity, diabetes, sugar-related issues can provide solutions to your audience and establish your brand. 

Email Marketing

Emails have an average conversion rate of 5.0%.

Email marketing is a great tool if you know how to use it wisely. It helps you to establish a personalized relationship with your patients and exhibit a strong brand recall value. 

Healthcare companies can send regular health tips, safety protocols to present and potential customers to build a positive brand image. 

For Example: As a hospital, you can utilize emails to send digital reports and appointment confirmations to your current patients. You can keep them updated on the new technological developments and showcase milestones every now and then.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Almost 90% of older users accessed popular social media sites to find and share health information

Social media is the most powerful and effective tool of the digital world. Social media has assisted brands in marketing their products and services through the platform.

As a healthcare provider, you can raise awareness about staying fit, both physically and mentally. Especially during uncertain times like the Covid-19, hospitals can utilize the “Chatbots” to provide instant answers to common patient questions.

For Example: Healthcare brands can utilize Facebook and Instagram to debunk common health-related myths, spread authentic medical information and encourage people to follow a healthy lifestyle. 

Paid Marketing

Paid Search has an average conversion rate of 5.1%

Paid marketing involves targeting and reaching potential customers with the help of online ads. It is one of the easiest ways to attract more visitors/customers to a brand’s website or web page.

With the help of paid marketing, healthcare companies can promote their products and services to a wider audience. In addition, medical facilities can gain the visibility and exposure needed to grow their business while utilising paid campaigns to attract qualified professionals for the job.

For Example: A healthcare service provider can design target-based ads for a particular audience like mothers. They can shoot ads for signing up for in-house Lamaze classes or showcase their baby care facility to attract new mothers. 

Mobile Marketing

In simple terms, mobile marketing is the promotion of products and services on smartphones with the help of social media,  SMS and MMS, email, push notifications, and many more.

Healthcare companies can stay in regular touch with their current and potential patients through SMS. They can also use it to update them on the latest news and upcoming healthcare facilities. 

For Example: Healthcare brands can send links to booking health tests, eye checkups, news on upcoming facilities, update for a blood donation camp, etc directly to customers to engage with them on a regular basis. 

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Healthcare Digital Marketing

Scaling up digital marketing for healthcare is crucial if your business wants to reach a wider audience base.

The demand for quality healthcare is gradually increasing, and institutions must utilize the digital world to reach the target audience on time.

Starting with a website, social media, and various other digital marketing tools can assist you to reach your target audience.

Are you a healthcare institution looking to market your products and services online or even expand your digital footprints but don’t know how? 

TZS Digital offers you the best digital marketing services in India and caters to your various business needs. TZS Digital is a leader in branding healthcare institutions with the help of comprehensive and effective digital marketing strategies.

Whether India, UAE or any other part of the globe, our unique strategies of digital marketing in healthcare sector have assisted numerous clients to reach a broader audience base.

However, in the continuously expanding digital world, if you are not utilizing the power of digital marketing, you might well be missing out on opportunities to grow your brand.

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