Seize the moment and make the most out of it! Yes, it’s MOMENT MARKETING, currently swirling the digital world. 

Started a new business or not getting good results from the current business? 

As an owner of a new startup, you may be facing challenges related to brand awareness which is much required to run a business. Building a brand, getting engagements, quality leads, and finally, conversions – all of these needed for the business’s survival in the digital era.

Marketers are constantly trying to adapt new ways, strategies, technologies and methods to connect with the audience. Well, in digital marketing, seizing the moment and making the most out of it showers incredible benefits when implemented. 

What is Moment Marketing?

Moment marketing is taking advantage of the popular ongoing event or topical trends to connect with the audience. It can be anything like a web series (Money Heist, Squid Game, etc.), the speech of the Prime Minister, any popular TV show or the latest news or incident that has made a moment and people are talking about it. 

5 Incredible Benefits of Moment Marketing

Moment Marketing

Gains User’s attention and Increase Engagement

Moment marketing helps in increasing engagement by opening the door for great conversation. Posting and talking about the trends on social media captures the audience’s attention if it comes out well, and promotes a great conversation on your post.


Moment marketing can extend the outreach of your post beyond your imagination. When the content is trendy and interesting, people like to share it with their friends and post on their stories. It helps you extend the reach to your target audience and their community as well. 

Satisfies Audience Needs

The audience is all about the latest trends and news. They are more interested to know what is trending and what popular brands have in store for them. That’s where moment marketing comes in, where you meet the audience’s demand that is relevant and entertaining at the same time.

Viral Content 

Making viral content is still a dream for many marketers. However, to make content go viral, you need to make the best out of the moment. In other words, select the latest trend and make something creative and entertaining with it. 

Most Cost-Effective tool

From government organizations to FMCG brands to even home services applications – all have stepped into moment marketing. Why? It’s the most cost-effective strategy and most profitable that helps spread brand awareness and increase engagement. 

Moment Marketing Brand Examples

Squid Game Trend

Amul had posted the following creative on their social media and gained a fantastic engagement.

Amul Squid Game Moment Marketing

Money Heist Trend

Big brands like Pepsi, Doritos, etc., have stepped into moment marketing by following the latest trends like the Money Heist web series and received good engagement from their audience. 

Money Heist Trend

Doritos Money Heist Moment Marketing

Christiano Ronaldo X Coke Controversy

A moment when Christiano Ronaldo moved aside Coca-Cola bottles at the press meet. With the movement of the bottle, the stocks of Coca-Cola also started moving, and other brands found this an opportunity to score a creative goal. For instance, Fevicol released ” Na Bottle Hategi, Na Valuation Gathegi”, replacing coke bottles with their Fevicol tubs.

Christiano Ronaldo X Coke Controversy

Tips and Tricks for Moment Marketing

  • Make your product the center of your campaign
  • Select the latest trends and act immediately
  • Throw in some creatives with Humour
  • Relate your brand with the latest trend
  • Seize the moments instead of chasing them

Brands have capitalized on every possible opportunity to increase recall and influence top-of-the-funnel customers. It is a great hack to get eyeballs rolling towards your brand. 

TZS Digital For Moment Marketing

Moment marketing may look easy peasy, but it requires a great deal of thought and creativity to bring out something truly memorable. 

At TZS Digital we ace in trend analysis and getting out the true essence of a moment. We have been continuously doing it for all our clients and it always works. Our creative team (content + design) pushes their limits to truly get the best out of a moment. Check out our creative showcase for a sneak-peak into it.

Want to leverage moment marketing to increase your customer engagement? Contact us! We are 100% achievers at work and can create jaw-dropping results for you. 


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