7 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Advertise On Facebook


Have you ever wondered if the ads that you see on Facebook in your feeds are made for you? Does it happen, you are looking to buy something online and suddenly you see an ad on Facebook related to the same?

Earlier the concept was far different to expand the business. People used to do marketing with the traditional concept. For instance, distributing pamphlets, ads in newspapers, personally meeting people to create brand awareness, etc which were either too expensive or much time-consuming.

Now imagine, you started a business or a company and want to grow your business. How would you do that? Of course marketing!

Would you like to follow the same traditional concept of marketing that is most expensive, time-consuming and not very efficient, or do you want to grow your business with the new method that gives so many benefits you can’t even think of?

Here, the new method we’re talking about is advertising on Facebook

7 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Advertise on Facebook

Yes, you read it right. Facebook is not just about making friends, chatting, and posting images and videos. It’s much more than you think. It’s the best platform for businesses and here are the reasons why you are advertising on Facebook.

1. Your Audience Is On Facebook

According to the research, Facebook has more than 2.6 billion users worldwide. This is more than any social media platform. After Google, Facebook has the largest audience. 

Advertising on such a platform is most beneficial for small businesses because you are getting this large audience on one platform where you can easily target them. Facebook attracts users of all generations and geographies too.

7 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Advertise on Facebook

2. Facebook Ads Are Affordable

Advertising on Facebook can cost as much as your budget. It’s not necessary to spend a large and fixed amount to advertise on Facebook.

You can set your budget for advertising with a minimum amount. Facebook reaches users and shows your ads according to your budget. The more your budget is, the more Facebook reaches users and shows ads.

3. With the Right Targeting, Get Great Performance

Facebook offers targeting options to all businesses and marketers so that they can reach the right audience or users. You just need to take advantage of this by choosing the right audience. 

Facebook Ads Targeting

How does this help? Targeting users from a wider audience can benefit you more with a small budget. Targeting options that you get are:

  • Location: Reaching people according to the country, region, states, and cities.
  • Age: Filtering your users according to the age group. You can choose the age group that you want to target.
  • Gender: Filtering your audience according to gender. For instance, if your product comes under the cosmetics category or makeup products then, of course, women will take more interest. Here, you can choose women.
  • Behaviors: Reaching people according to their device usage, intents, interests, etc.
  • Language: You can filter users according to the language like German, English, Spanish, etc. For example, if you are promoting any courses in the Spanish language only then you should use Spanish as a targeting option.
  • Connections: Reach people according to your connections like your Facebook page followers, events, connections of your connections.
  • Custom Audience: You can create your own audience with the help of email ids, phone numbers, etc.
  • Lookalike Audiences: These audiences are those who have already taken interest in your business before. For instance, people engaging on your content, videos, posts, website visitors, etc.

4. Choose Ad Placement Location

There are different types of Facebook ads at different locations. Ad formats of Facebook ads are Images, videos, carousels, collection, and instant experience. Ad placements (ad locations) on Facebook are home page feeds, right column, stories, marketplace, search results, and instant articles. Along with Facebook, you also get an option to show these ads on Instagram at different locations like reels, stories, feeds, etc.

You’re the one who set these options and we would recommend you to try every type of this one by one to know your audience better.

5. Select Your Objective 

While creating an ad, Facebook gives you an option to select your advertising objective like you want to drive traffic to your website, want conversions, video views, brand awareness, app installs, engagement, etc.

There are many, just be very specific about selecting your objective. Facebook uses this information to reach those users who may be interested in your business.

Campaign Objective

6. Call-to-Action Button For Conversions

There’s no need to track all people and call them to buy your product. Facebook gives an option to add a call-to-action button below your ad according to your objective. 

For instance, if it’s a product you’re selling, you can add a button of “Buy Now” below the ad. If the ad is of an article, you can add the “Learn More” button. Users can click on it and reach the right destination.

Facebook Ads CTA buttons

7. Facebook Provides Useful Analytics

The best part about Facebook ads is you can check the performance. After creating an ad, you can check impressions (no. of people to whom facebook has shown your ad), reach, and results.

You get the information so detailed that you can analyze it and improve it if it’s necessary. You can edit your ads anytime like changing the image, budget, etc.

Ad Stats


Facebook ads can help your small business to grow rapidly. It’s not difficult to create an ad on Facebook, anyone can do that. It takes just a few clicks to create it. 

However, choosing the right target audience and crafting the right communication might not be easy for you. It needs some experiments and experience to select the right audience and create an ad appropriately. 

A lot of mistakes people make, when they start advertising on Facebook. We at TZS Digital have expertise in creating Facebook ads correctly and have helped many small businesses to grow. Please feel free to reach us if you want to get maximum benefits with a minimum budget of Facebook ads. 

From the reasons mentioned above, which reason made your mind to do advertising on Facebook? Do comment below.


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