WhatsApp’s New Feature: Out with Texts; In with Instant Video Messages


Humans are social animals and we have created a hyper connected world in the 21st century. With our smartphones, our family and friends are just one message away. 

Or a short video. 

WhatsApp has introduced a game changer feature called instant video messages on iOS and Android. With this feature, boring texts are a thing of the past. Now you can record short personalised video messages for your loved ones straight from WhatsApp. 

Wanna know how to do it? Read on. 

How to Use This New Feature of WhatsApp? Learn How to Record Instant Video Messages!

The video messages are seamlessly integrated with the voice messages. All you have to do is this: 

Step 1: Switch to Video messages by tapping the microphone button.

Step 2: Slide up and hold the button to record. You get 60 seconds to say whatever you want to. 

Step 2.5: Lock the button to record hands-free. You can also slide left to cancel the message.

And that’s it!

Want to share your baby’s first words with your parents living in another city? Done. 

Want to show your girlfriend your new tattoo? Well, maybe you should do a video call. WhatsApp has that too. 

With these short videos, you can say hello, share a joke, show something cool, or express yourself in any way you like. 

One thing that you must keep in mind is that the maximum length of video messages is 60 seconds. So, you must keep your messages concise or you will run out of time. 

You may have to do several takes for the baby to speak its first words on the video message. After all, it’s just 60 seconds and babies are notoriously naughty. They may speak all day but once the recording starts, they will do anything but that. 

instant video messages

Why Are Video Messages Better Than Text Messages? 

Text messages are so 2000s. This is 2023, and it’s the era of instant videos. Every social media platform has embraced them, WhatsApp is just the latest. Your messages become more personalised in the video format and you can connect deeply with your loved ones no matter the distance between you. 

You will be able to convey the full range of your emotions to your friends compared to mere words and emojis. Perhaps you can surprise them by sharing moments from your day or spice up late night group chats. 

If you haven’t tried it yet, what are you waiting for? Update your WhatsApp app today and start sending instant video messages to your family and friends. You’ll love how easy and fun it is!
instant video messages

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