Website Redevelopment & SEO Case Study for DevInsights

Client Name


Work Domain

Social Impact
Research & Monitoring

Client Introduction

DevInsights caters to the monitoring and evaluation needs of the social development sector. Headquartered in Delhi, they have conducted various evaluations and studies across the South Asian region and over 26 states in India. They work closely with renowned national and international NGO’s, trusts, foundations, think tanks as well as policy-making bodies globally.

Our Mandate

The Brief

DevInsights mandated us to redesign their website for better user experience and to increase the incoming traffic. As the client’s area of work was in the social development and impact research sector, we had to ensure the traffic that came get information about their work, establishes their domain authority and provide users with a seamless experience while decreasing the bounce rate.

The Challenge
Scope of Work

Our Strategy

Website Redevelopment



The website’s navigation became super smooth and intriguing from the point of view of the customer’s journey. The new website was a complete face lift from their older one and gave a better browsing experience.

Over the course of time DevInsights saw the red-colored errors on the Google Search Console’s coverage graph gradually turning valid green, and we knew they were headed in the right direction. 

To strengthen the website we followed all the tactics resulting in high ranking keywords, high incoming quality leads and robust CTA’s to drive the desired action. If we talk about the actual figures, we increased the contact form fill-ups by 300%.

We achieved the main motive of the client, gave incredible user-experience, increased visitors with conversions from given CTA’s and decreased the bounce rate of the website by creating a well-navigated website.

Increase in Organic Traffic
0 %
Increase in Contact Us Form Fill-ups
0 %
Decrease in Bounce Rate
0 %

Concluding Remarks

As thrilled we were to work for DevInsights, we knew that it would need immense research and analysis to get the desired results. It is always exciting to face challenging clients as we get a platform to showcase our innovative digital approach.

Every second while we were on this project, we were collating exciting and new ideas to achieve the desired results. There was a lot of testing of design + content which we did post the market and competitor analysis. With our strong website design aesthetics and SEO tactics, we created some mind-boggling results for the client.

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