Social Media Marketing Case Study for Priyagold

Client Name


Work Domain

FMCG – Food

Client Introduction

Millions of Indians have grown up eating Priyagold Biscuits over the past two decades, and it has now become synonymous with India’s favourite biscuits. Their products are now available in more than 20 countries and have firmly established themselves as one of the industry’s top players. 

Our Mandate

The Brief

Priyagold is an established household name. They collaborated with us to increase their digital footprints and create a new brand image, which remains more prevalent amongst the younger audience. 

Priyagold was mostly associated with the mid-age to an old-aged audience, which became a point of concern for the brand. They wanted the younger audience to resonate with the brand. 

Therefore, our strategy included repositioning the Instagram handle with an edgy and slick mood board while conceptualizing and designing high-quality creative content.

The Challenge
Scope of Work

Our Strategy

Our strategy was to establish Priyagold as the go-to brand for younger people. Therefore, we had to analyze the brand’s market and thoroughly understand its competitors to draw the desired results.

This had to start with completely revamping their social media. The focus shifted to the core products with a creative spin on them.

Our aim wasn’t just to increase the creative posting frequency, but also to devise a sustainable strategy that can hold the audience’s attention. 

We designed attractive and visually appealing creatives which made their products look irresistible. 

The next step was engaging with the audience who were following Priyagold’s page. We inculcated a lot of polls regarding the choice of biscuits, taste comparisons, etc to indulge the followers. 

A giveaway campaign was developed to gratify the new users and make them brand loyalists. As a result of this, engagement skyrocketed. 

Some best practices we strictly adhered to: 

  • Increase engagement by posting at peak times
  • Quick response to customers and shout-outs
  • Tracking and analyzing results regularly
  • Improvising on the results

Apart from this, we leveraged hashtags like #nomnom, #muchingtime, #yummyinmytummy, #sweettooth, and many more to appeal to increase the reach to the younger audience.


Through the work we carried out across their social media platforms, we ensured that Priyagold has not just survived but thrived on social media while unlocking its true potential.

We created appealing creatives with minimal text and released them on Instagram with relevant captions and hashtags to make their profile a magnet for their audience. 

Our comprehensive strategy helped grow their Instagram and Facebook following, attracted new customers, and boosted overall business growth while increasing online sales.

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Concluding Remarks

Our creativity knew no bounds when we started working for such a well-known and prestigious brand. We had to think out of the box to grow social solid media roots. Our creative team left no stone unturned and came up with quirky ideas to showcase their product without being too pushy or salesy. Our innovative approach and continuous efforts resulted in a strong brand positioning for Priyagold.

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