Lead Generation Case Study for IFANglobal

Client Name


Work Domain

Healthcare Recruitments

Client Introduction

IFANglobal is a worldwide recruitment and training company catering to the requirements of the healthcare sector across the globe. They have offices in India, UK, the USA & Middle East.

They have successfully placed more than 20000+ professionals across the globe and have been awarded as the best healthcare recruitment company in Asia by CMO Asia.

Our Mandate

The Brief

The client came to us for their healthcare recruitment business and wanted qualified professionals to work in hospitals in India and abroad.

The client had limited knowledge of acquiring skilled candidates with the help of digital media. As a result, the campaign required extensive research work, and the effective implementation of our consolidated strategy was crucial to reach the target audience in different locations, both local and global.

To gain insights into the medical industry, our digital experts delved deeper and gathered more understanding about the sector and the client’s expectations.

The Challenge
Scope of Work

Our Strategy

We couldn’t launch a campaign hoping it would yield results. Rather, it needed robust planning and strategic decision-making. Instead of putting all eggs in one basket, we designed an experiment-driven model to guide us. It allowed us to test multiple growth strategies and find those that best serve the client.

We started with profile optimization on social media platforms, in-depth research for the target audience and narrowed down the broader audience to a specific set. Then, designed creatives with compelling content and powerful CTA’s for Facebook and Instagram campaigns.

We created multiple ad sets, segregated them into locations and designed creatives in different languages to test the outcome. 

Each had a differentiated USP and a highlighted pain point to draw the user’s attention.

We created multiple ad sets and ad copies targeting local and international locations. Our primary purpose was to reduce the cost-per-lead by optimizing the campaigns. 

We mapped out the plan of action and kickstarted the marketing campaign with English creatives for international and national locations in order to generate leads for our client.

Testing different tactics is essential in determining what works best in digital marketing campaigns.

In our first round of ad creatives, our reach was impressive but the CPL was really high. We wanted to optimize the money spent but without compromising the quality of each lead. 

Hence, after examining the data of the first few campaigns in English, we decided to tweak our strategy by implementing the Hindi language for upcoming ad creatives.

After the Gurgaon campaign, we understood that the target audience might not be very refined with English as their first language. 

Hence, we experimented with the webinar and Patna hospital creatives by using Hindi as the main language. 

Webinar was circled as a means to nurture the warm nurses and also establish trust and confidence in the nurses. 

Once the audience connected with the brand, it was easier for us to get organic traffic as well.


With the help of the in-depth client and audience analysis coupled with location-based audience targeting, our team integrated numerous marketing techniques to ensure that our client reaches their target audience quickly while significantly reducing their cost per lead.

As a result, we delivered great results for the client by generating large numbers of high-quality leads while keeping the cost per lead as low as possible.

Increase in ROI
0 %
Conversion Rate
0 %
Average CPL

Concluding Remarks

Obtaining these leads were a part of our vast growth strategy for IFANglobal. Thanks to our indepth work, we learned what works and what doesn’t for IFANglobal’s lead generation process. The learnings were just the beginning of a long-term business association with IFANglobal. As a result, we are now transforming their existing marketing strategy for sustainable growth.

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