D2C Sales Case Study for a Home Decor Client

Client Name


Work Domain

Home Decor

Client Introduction

The client was new in the Home Decor Industry. They wanted to refresh their marketing tactics as it wasn’t giving them solid results.

Our Mandate

The Brief

The client was very clear, he wanted 100% focus on conversions. He lacked conversions in spite of quality offerings. Our entire base of work was based on how to maneuver the audience to purchase the client’s products and come back for a purchase. 

The Challenge
Scope of Work

Our Strategy

We divided our entire marketing effort into 2 phases. 

Phase 1: Getting High Conversions

The monthly budget was around 40K, which was dedicated 100% for conversions. We started with carving out a definite audience for the client to get effective results. 

The offers to attract the audience to hit the “buy” button were laid out. We studied the present offers of the brands in the market and figured out a more competitive & lucrative one. 

As a result we got a fairly good conversion rate. With the first 20K spent, we could create around 32 active purchases. For a new client, this was really encouraging. 

With the retargeting campaign we got even better results. With 7k spent, we generated 20 conversions and also brought down the cost per sale. The ROAS at the end of phase one rose to 3+

Phase 2: Maximize Conversions & Improve ROAS

The monthly budget was now 90K with 100% split in conversions. 

We continued to float our compelling offers and get more customer traffic. 

We kept A/B testing with different ad sets to improvise and better our results. As a result, our ROAS came between 4-5

Our customer purchases kept increasing. With a spend of around 40k, we were able to secure some 355 purchases. The cost got optimized as we advanced in our campaigns. 


It was a great learning curve to work with this client, At each step we improvised, tracked and continued. Our strategic thinking, creative approach and extensive research gave us astounding results.

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Increase in Sales
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Increase in Website Traffic
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