D2C Sales Case Study for a F&B Client

Client Name


Work Domain

Food & Beverage

Client Introduction

The client was in the food and beverage industry but had low reach and conversions. They were old players but did not get much sales on the website. They had an innovative approach product wise, but lacked the digital knowledge to market it in a proper manner.

Our Mandate

The Brief

The client came to us to uptick their reach and ultimately conversions. They lacked engagement on digital channels with their audience and wanted a boost in that segment as well. 

To gain insights our experts delved deeper in the industry to understand the major concerns and pain points of the audience and how our client could solve them.

The Challenge
Scope of Work

Our Strategy

Our strategy was simple yet very effective. We divided our entire scope of work into 3 well defined phases:

Phase 1: Maximize Reach & Brand Awareness

Monthly Budget – 80K (This budget was smartly split into 50% awareness + 30% on engagement + 20% on conversions)

The split was done to define and keep a check on our spending while focusing on the results. As a result of this, we got amazing reach and follower growth on Instagram. The ROAS of the conversion campaign was between 2-3 at this stage. 

Phase 2: Maximize Reach & Brand Awareness On Website

Monthly Budget: 80K (The split this time was 20% awareness + 50% engagements + 30% Conversion)

As we already had amazing follower growth and reach uptick in phase 1, we could move onto the next most important element, which was engagements)

Our hero strategy was using the captivating messaging and eye catching design to stir value engagements from the audience. 

As a result of this, we got amazing social engagement and abundant traffic on the website. Our ROAS went up to 3.50-4 at this stage

Phase 3: Conversions

The last phase was solely based on conversions. We split the campaign into: 5% awareness + 10% engagements + 85% Conversion 

As this was the main part of our strategy we further decided to divide our work into 3 parts for 3 different audiences. 

Top of the funnel audience: For New customers based on interest and Lookalike Audience 

Middle of funnel audience: For New Customers – People who already visit on website but did not buy and people who know about the brands Via Social channel   

Bottom of the funnel audience: People who add to cart and people who buy from us.

All the 3 set of audience were on different phases in their consumer journey and we used different messaging and assets to persuade them to convert. 

As a result of our well thought strategy, we got amazing conversions. Our ROAS rose to 6+. 


With our well articulated strategy we were able to deliver high conversions as promised to the client. We phased out each and every step while strategizing the campaign for our client to get the desired results. 

Increase in ROAS
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Increase in Sales
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Increase in Website Traffic
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