How to Repurpose Content for High SEO Rankings


Pulling your hair out searching for new content ideas? 

What if we told you that old content is your best bet against low SEO rankings? In the age of recycle, reuse and refuse, it’s vital to know exactly how best to reuse your existing content before you start creating more.

In this blog we will tell you about the precise methods through which you can repurpose your content and get high ranking on search engine results.

Here are 10 methods that you can use to repurpose your existing content:  

Revamp Your Blog Posts

Blog posts are the bread and butter of digital marketing strategy. But as often happens with bread, blogs become stale and mouldy when kept for too long. In order to give them new life, you must refresh and update your existing posts. 

Add new information, statistics, or anecdotes, and make sure your content aligns with  industry trends and keywords in vogue. Google loves fresh and relevant content, so keeping your blog up to date can have a significant impact on your SEO rankings.

Revamp Your Blog Posts

Transform Blog Posts into Visual Content

You must have heard, “Old is Gold”. However, the text is only old. To add gold to your content, you must make it visually rich. Visual content, such as infographics, videos, and images, appeal to a broader audience. 

Repurpose your blog content by creating visually appealing materials that convey the same information in a more digestible format. Don’t forget to optimise visual content for SEO by including descriptive alt text and relevant keywords.

Transform Blog Posts into Visual Content

Create Social Media Snippets

Oh, here we go. Social Media. A backbone of your digital strategy. Leave this only at your peril. 

Social media provides an amazing opportunity to repurpose your blog posts into bite-sized, attention-grabbing snippets for your social media page. Create an attention grabbing hook by sharing interesting facts, quotes, or tips to pique your audience’s interest to drive traffic back to your website. Make use of relevant hashtags and compelling visuals to boost your content’s reach.

Additionally, you can also use the same visuals created for social media in your blog posts to make them appealing to a broader audience.

Create Social Media Snippets

Combine Multiple Posts into Guides or Ebooks

Just as a good travel guide can mean the difference between a great and lacklustre journey, the right content guide can transform your brand’s narrative from ordinary to unforgettable.

If you’ve published several related blog posts, then combining them into comprehensive guides or ebooks is the best strategy. This not only consolidates valuable information for your audience but also provides an opportunity to rank for long-tail keywords and improve your SEO. Ensure these guides are downloadable, encouraging users to provide their contact information, thereby growing your email list.

Moreover, you can create guides on Instagram of related content. All you have to do is follow the previous point and create social media posts of all the blog posts that are related to each other. Then combine them in an Instagram guide and watch your website traffic shoot up. 

Transcribe and Share Webinars or Podcasts

Webinars and podcasts offer rich content, and you can transcribe them to create written articles or blog posts. Not only does this expand your content library, but it also caters to different learning preferences. Sharing both audio and written content can widen your audience and improve your site’s SEO through keyword optimization.

Here is an AI tool for transcription. 

Turn Testimonials and Case Studies into Stories

Testimonials are not only for your website home page or testimonials page. They are also rich mines of content. Repurpose your satisfied clients’ testimonials and case studies can be into engaging success stories.

Though a marketing cliche, emotion does sell better. And by creating narratives that highlight real-world solutions and results, you can engage your audience on an emotional level. Use these stories to connect with potential customers and gain trust, while incorporating keywords strategically for SEO benefits.

So, not only do you get rich content but you can also gain the valuable trust of your audiences.  

Collaborate with Influencers

Partnering with influencers is akin to getting the much coveted michelin star. Indeed, Influencer marketing is a potent tool. You can curate their insights, share their reviews and spotlight their stories on your platform. This way by collaborating with influencers in your niche, you can repurpose their content for your brand. Influencers can also bring new audiences to your content, and by leveraging their authority, you can improve your SEO through backlinks and increased visibility.

Create How-To Videos

Did you write a tutorial blog that was extremely detailed after researching for a zillion hours? Do not let those hours go to waste! Turn these comprehensive guides into instructional videos. 

And did you know that videos are favoured by search engines? They engage your audiences and improve your SEO rankings at the same time. Post these videos on YouTube (and other social media platforms by converting them into relevant formats like reel) optimise them with keywords, descriptions, and links back to your site.

Conduct a Content Audit

Now, you need to regularly review your existing content to identify underperforming pieces. Analyse your website analytics to pinpoint low-traffic articles or pages that could benefit from a revamp. By focusing your efforts on the content with the most potential, you can improve SEO rankings efficiently. 

Monitor and Adapt

After implementing your repurposing strategy, continuously monitor its impact on your SEO rankings. Analyse the performance of your new content formats, track your keyword rankings, and gather feedback from your audience. Use this data to fine-tune your approach and ensure it aligns with your overall digital marketing goals.


So, repurposing content is a cost-effective (and stress-free) way to enhance your SEO rankings, extend your content’s shelf life, and engage a broader audience. 
If you need assistance with your digital marketing strategy, contact us here or call TZS Digital at +91 7015066330. We are experts at content repurposing and boosting your website’s SEO rankings. Stay ahead of the competition, keep your content fresh, and watch your website climb the search engine ranks!


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